Monday, April 30, 2012

Now and zen my mind starts playing tantrics on me!

A longing heart can still give thanks. Compassion is the mainfestation of the Kingdom of God in this world. ... Zen Christianity....

The fear of failure is not as strong as the fear of success -that we may have to live up to that moment of greatness again even if was fluke..

So many musicians play their heart out, filling the world with soul, only to be background noise to people's life stories.

The gnarled trees stand guard in the courtyard. I wonder if the coconut trees would consider them stiff-necked fools.

When I was little, my dog caught birds. Later when I was nicknamed "Bird", I had a friend called "Dog." Luckily he can't bite.

To embrace Agape means being compassionate even when we encounter the dark side.

Tonight a quintet of Cheshire cats bid us enter the rabbit-hole. Some peeked in, some revelled as they bared their souls.

I prayed to God for help last night. He asked me if I wanted to "Perform and Show" or "Learn and Grow". I said "Grow." he said so be it!

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