Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Interlude: Another Capital, Another Walk

In the still of the night, another walk
The Spirit is speaking so I let it talk
Another city
Another monument to humanity's 
struggle for freedom
A lifetime ago, but not that long
Another city
I walked by the constructed memories
Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and FDR
friends I spoke with in late night whispers
Another night
Another city
Another walk with whispers
To an arch, a gate and to memories
of those who stood 
stood tall - as tall as one bent by oppression could
stood strong - as strong as one beaten could
and gave their lives - knowing it was all they had
to a dream
to a vision
to a hope
to a prayer
I retrace the path
of thousands
of millions
and although I am alone
I feel their presence
I sit outside a prison - now empty
I feel their pain
I hear their cry
I sense their hope
I see their joy
And what of my home?
Will I take the same walk there?
Whose monuments will stand
in defense of freedom?
Who will be the visionaries - unafraid to dream
Who will be the martyrs - unafraid to live
Who will be
the opposed who rose
and yet still chose 
not to become the oppressors they reviled
but to liberate
to emancipate
to embody and empower
the Freedom we cry for?
I ponder
I pray
In the morning it rains

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