Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Methodist Heretic Lets Loose On Blogsphere

Former Fiji MTV-rocker turned Benny Hinn-impersonator, Rev. James Bhagwan, has launched his first blog since being kindly asked to refrain from writing anti asian and anti media statements on the Asia Communications Network Blog which he who occasionally wrote for. Rev. Bhagwan who was threatened with being put into the same category as Rev. Akuila "red red wine" Yabaki, by the Methodist Church after publicly claiming that Jesus was not a Methodist, launched his own blog last weekend to coincide with the Catholic Mass Mosh in Sydney and the ROC Market in Suva. It has already been criticised by critics for being too serious, with not enough humour. Bhagwan has retorted by claiming that the critics are also not Methodists and reminding people that if they want the funny stuff on a regular basis, then they can jolly well buy “Living in Fiji” (because no-one else will publish him).

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  1. Thanks for the free plug! Shiri would be eternally grateful! :P