Friday, February 23, 2018

Of Personal musings and public pronouncements

Well it is almost the end of the second month of 2018.

I haven't written an opinion article since around October 2017.

The well was dry, poured out in offerings for God and Church, Community and Country, People and Planet.

In all honesty, I do not know when I will write an opinion piece again. I am just enjoying being - paddling, swimming, sailing, loving my wife and children and writing a PhD dissertation.

My "voice," if you will, has been synonymous with the Methodist Church for the last five years, as her Secretary of Communication and Overseas Mission. I have retained my own accent but my energy has been channeled into the service of proclamation - specifically in the context of the Church's Lako Yani Vou.

There has not been much time for reflection and contemplation, except for my morning Stand Up Paddle sessions to the Suva reef or Sandbank, laps in the Aquatic Centre with the masters' squad of the Dolphin Swimming Club (its hard to breathe, let alone reflect with the programme National Swimming and Dolphin Club Head Coach, Sharon Pickering Smith sets).

I've enjoyed writing in the Fiji Times, sharing my perspective on issues I believe Fijians need to think about, some not part of the national consciousness and some very much in the mainstream. Its been interesting getting feedback - with some thinking my writing is too religious (I am a spiritual worker), and others feeling it is too secular, (I try to keep my sermons for the church services and my children). With the exception of a hiatus in 2009 when the Public Emergency Regulations were enacted in Fiji, I have written almost every week for a decade. That's about 500,000 words (about 5 PhD dissertations).

So I am going to wait until I've got something to say, (or in this case write) or I am inspired (divinely or otherwise) before offering another proclamation in the national newspaper.

In the meantime - this blog (in the face of character limits and scroll down social media and a painfully decreasing culture of reading) will be the wall on my writing maybe found.

There will be the odd sermon note, poem (if the mood hits), travelogue and reflection on life, love, and even politics (it is an election year in Fiji of course).

But it will be my own thoughts - processing, polished or just poured out....

"Simplicity, Serenity, Spontaneity"

..... oh yes... I'm going to post some articles of mine from the last year or so as well as a kind of springboard (for a back-flip or belly-flop only time will tell)...

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