Thursday, January 7, 2010

Soul Brother has left the building ... moce Kavai

I was blessed to be able to witness the love of a community for a man of love today. As I listened to the tributes, the sermon and story of the last days of Kavai’s life – I reflected on those who had died in this time of celebration between 25th December, 2009 and 1st January, 2010. Could it be that his soul had learnt all its lessons for this life and was ready to move on?
Standing at Vatuwaqa Cemetery, while all heads were down, listening to the words of comfort from the pastor, or in deep introspection; I looked up to the sky and watched the clouds form perfect circles and even a heart. One journey for Kavai had ended, but another was just beginning. The evolution of the spirit had outgrown the physical limitations. United in the Christ-consciousness, he is now forever with Sara, their children, his family and all his friends and colleagues. His love-force will envelope and indwell with them, giving them strength and blessing them in turn with the vision, compassion and humanity with which he himself was blessed with.

Sara, souls united in love can never be separated – this is not just theology, this is a law of the universe. In whatever form the next life takes, we will all be able to recognise each other’s love-force.

To my brothers and sisters in the media – let Kavai’s love-force remove whatever fear prevents you from loving yourselves and others with all your heart, mind and strength. He lives through each story in which you not only write, report and broadcast – but also learn a life lesson from. He experienced the simplicity, serenity and spontaneity of life. We all can.

God bless you.

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