Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bhagwan for President? "Yes I Can"

As the smoke clears from the US Presidential Elections, yet another hat has been thrown into the ring in the next presidential race.

With the slogan, “Yes I Can” Rev. James Bhagwan has declared himself a candidate for the 2023 nominations for President of Fiji.

Bhagwan is already campaigning for the elderly vote

Rev. Bhagwan who was a has-been television and radio presenter by the age of 25 said that by running in 2023, at age 50 he would most probably be the young
est President of Fiji.

When asked whether his ethnicity would be an issue, Rev. Bhagwan replied by say ing, he hoped his FEA bill being overdue would not be a stumbling block. On whether he had any foreign affairs experience he said that having a wife from Lautoka and watching the West Wing and Bollywood movies would be all he needed.

Bhagwan is claiming experience with foreign affairs

His suspected links with Fiji-based terrorists may be used by political rivals. Bhagwan once looked like a terrorist in a play, has been known to give Holy Communion to 1987 coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka and been a Qui Gong student of 2006 coup-leader and current interim Prime Minister Bainimarama's older brother Sevanaia.

Bhagwan in traditional terrorist uniform

Although Rev. Bhagwan has not picked a potential vice-presidential running mate speculation is rife that radio personality turned mayor of Ba, Mr. Binn is tipped for the position. Mr. Binn refused to comment for fear of being victimised by the military junta.

Homer Simpson of Navua is also another p
otential running mate, although Mr. Simpson as insisted he will only be a walking mate.

It is believed that Bhagwan and Binn could be a force for change in the length of morning and afternoon teas, the banning of banning kava before and after church services, free sports on television and other critical issues expected to be confronting the nation in 15 years time.

Source: Guerrilla Media Fake News




    As far as free sports on television is concerned, you've got my vote ;)

  2. You're definitely going right to the top..,(of the house at reservoir road),Mouse funny piece

  3. Well, are you telling us a dream you saw last night? It's good to dream so keep on dreaming. Who cares.